1 of 1 Range Rover SVR Illustration

1 of 1 Range Rover SVR Illustration

A customer bought a Porsche 930 Turbo A3 Poster off me recently and requested a custom “Seal Grey”’colour for a one off print that I gladly was willing to do. After a few conversations later I found out he owned a Range Rover SVR in a “Corris Grey” paint specification very similar to his 911.

I was given a special commissioned project to draw his Range Rover in a 3D view with such detailed lines, shadows and light showcasing the wonderful SUV. It took me 15 hours in total (one of my longest times) after going back and forth with colors/lighting just to make it perfect.

I’m very happy of how this 1 of 1 Illustration turned out and I’m extremely grateful for all the support and work given to me.

If you’re interested in getting a drawing down by me please feel free to contact via a private message!

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