2022 egaming.com Animation Project

2022 egaming.com Animation Project

While creating content for egaming blog pages and website. I was asked to create a brand new intro and outro template for their blog and game activation tutorials.

For my introduction that plays at the start of each video. I came up with this clever split design highlighting various colors throughout each effect of the logo coming out. The variation was at random with swipe effects coming from bottom and left while drawing out new colors each time. I went with an orange tone similar to the brand color alongside bright blue and black to even the contrast out.

It also goes to show how effective it can be finding the correct audio which took me awhile to find out with various mixes and rough renders. I wanted to leave a long lasting impression that can also play with the brands identity. Something that is only developed through time and experience with consumers. 

For the outro of egaming I focused on using the 2D logo I was supplied. I began thinking about using motion graphics of making the logo jump around the gaming word however it felt too casual at the time.

I used a simple swooping color change effect while staying true to the bright orange color tones that perfectly contrasted against black/white. Second part of the creation was a transition from the main logo icon to the full wide logo. I used a split design for this effect as I thought about the sharp edges while creating the intro video.Two different pieces of audio were mixed for a very sci-fi tone and swoosh noise.

Inspiration for this was taken in context from video game production intros while the game is loading up.

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