About DhavDesign

Welcome to DhavDesign, where creativity meets passion in every design. From creating YouTube content at the age of 12 to delving into the professional realm, my journey has been one of self-discovery and dedication. Self-taught in Photoshop, After Effects, and Sony Vegas, I navigated budget constraints by designing everything myself. This passion led me to pursue a Creative Computing course from 16 to 19, honing my skills and garnering praise for dedication from teachers.

My initiation into the professional world happened at a digital marketing agency, where I contributed to various briefs and learned the intricacies of teamwork. Despite the initial challenges of strict guidelines and critical evaluation, I embraced the journey. Today, DhavDesign stands as a testament to the joy I find in the design process. From engaging with global clients to crafting innovative campaign ideas, each project in my portfolio reflects a commitment to excellence.

Embarking on the path of an adult designer has presented its challenges, but it’s a journey fueled by passion. Join me as I showcase my design vision to the world, where every creation tells a story of creativity, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. Committed to designing unique and ethical products that stand the test of time.

Foundations of DhavDesign

I started DhavDesign in 2020 amidst the challenging times of the pandemic. As a freelance designer, my goal was to help small businesses, individuals, and clients with their design needs. I noticed that many people had great ideas but struggled to create designs without professional software or someone skilled in design. That’s when I offered my freelance services to work on projects, whether it was a one-time job or ongoing work for clients who needed regular design assistance. During the pandemic, I took the opportunity to focus on improving my skills and gaining more experience

I learned how to illustrate better, create complex 3D models, animate movements, and adapt to new platforms like TikTok and Instagram filters, which are popular for marketing purposes. I dedicated my time to becoming a better designer, which eventually led to me securing agency work with some of the largest advertising and public relations companies. Throughout my journey, I have worked with various clients and learned from experienced designers who have helped me grow.

Future Of DhavDesign

Looking ahead to the future of DhavDesign, my intention is to maintain my strong knack for intricate details and innovative design solutions, whether it’s for client projects or fulfilling specific briefs. I am committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of my capabilities, exploring diverse industries where my skills can make a substantial impact. Alongside this, I am equally dedicated to nurturing the brand aspect of DhavDesign, curating products that resonate with people and garner their genuine support.

Reflecting on my journey, even as a child, I possessed a business-oriented mindset, engaging in online selling and negotiations. This early exposure fostered a unique approach to entrepreneurship, which seamlessly carried into my venture with DhavDesign. Establishing my website and crafting a business model around transforming my designs into tangible products, I swiftly adapted to dynamic changes and evolving methods. Leveraging my design background, I have consistently strived to enhance the appeal and quality of my offerings, striving for excellence at every step.

As I move forward, I remain steadfast in my commitment to marrying creativity with business acumen, using my design prowess to create lasting products and experiences that both captivate and resonate with a wide audience.

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