Air Jordan One Illustration

Air Jordan One Illustration

I was heavily inspired to make this Nike Air Jordan One illustration from watching “The Last Dance” Micheal Jordan documentary on Netflix.

I’m a massive sneakerhead myself so here are three different variations of the iconic shoe from the 1985 Chicago, 2020 Dior collaboration and my very own DhavDesign “Mint” Air Jordan One!

The Air Jordan One was officially released to the public back in September 1985 in this beauty Chicago colorway. Matching the Chicago Bulls attire of red, black and white. It quickly became one of the most iconic sought after sneakers in history creating a phenomenal empire with Nike and the Jordan brand.

I have always appreciated this classic color way because its so easy to see colors and details. My favorite tones are all over the shoe making it one of my holy grails to acquire one day.

Also there has been variation alternations of this shoe which is “Bred” colourway which was also released the same day as the Chicago’s. 

Dior a French luxury clothing brand announced the first ever high end fashion collaboration with Jordan back in 2019.

The entire shoe is reconstructed in absolute high quality materials, unique Dior oblique pattern on tongue, enlarged swoosh with Dior details and Air Dior wings logo. At £2,000 its also one of the most expensive Air Jordans to ever retail with only 8500 pairs created.

Cherry of the cake is this shoe because even non sneaker heads are highly interested in this shoe from a limited quantity and luxury standpoint of various artists, athletes and celebrities being given early pairs.

Lets hope this shoe gets worn out in public and not being sat in glass boxes. 

If I ever had the chance to collaborate with the Jordan brand this would be one of my designs. I call this colorway the “Mint Air Jordan Ones by DhavDesign” with the main focus of Mint Blue details, a unique mini swoosh embossed on the toebox and lastly a detached Nike swoosh placed in the middle.

Simple silhouette with the colors flowing well from start to finish. I also used the Chicago patterns as inspiration with the main colors being highlighted on the toe box, back panel, heel and Nike swoosh being in black. 

I have always admired Air Jordan One shoe collaborations but this is a different twist I’d like to see happen someday with the standard ideas being thrown out of the window. Replaced with unique details and creativity that hasn’t been seen before. 

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