Infinity Energy Drink Concept

Infinity Energy Drink Concept

While watching WandaVision – the latest series from Marvel this year, featuring Scarlet Witch and Vision – I came up with a concept to promote the characters for this next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I wanted to envision each character for their upcoming role in 2021/22 on an energy drink can with their respective “Infinity Stone” colours in the background. I came up with 5 amazing concepts of the characters on each individual can with surges of energy emitting from their body, relating to the energy drink aspect of the idea. I want people to feel energised and powerful – similar to how these Marvel characters fight off evil spirits and dark entities in the Universe. 

Wanda Maximoff has the power to change reality and emit strong energy with mind control. I gave her the red background for the strawberry flavour.

Vision, a character brought into the MCU in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, has the Mind gem embedded into the middle of his head that powers his body and can mind control too, similar to Wanda. As the Mind gem is yellow, I decided to make this drink lemonade flavoured.

Loki is given a blueberry flavour for his connection with the blue Space stone. A gem that originally lies in the world of Asgard which has switched hands throughout the MCU with villains seeking to obtain such power. Loki is also known as a trickster who likes to outsmart people hence the reason for his fading image on each side of the can.

Blackwidow is a mercenary fighter, part of the original Avengers. While she doesn’t hold any special powers, with combat training greater than most heroes it is evident that she can escape, fight and battle through villains. In Avengers Endgame, she was sacrificed for the Soul stone to save the Universe. Her movie is releasing later this year so we can find out more information about the character who was introduced back in Iron Man 2.

Dr Strange is a magician who, with the green Time stone, possesses the power to warp and control time. For this drink, I chose an apple cherry flavour. It also ties in perfectly with his involvement with the Infinity Stone from his first movie all the way into the current timeline for Dr Strange Universe Of Madness alongside Wanda Maximoff.
I worked incredibly hard to create an eye catching concept with a subtle yet clever relationship between the MCU characters and their respective energy drink design. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be able to understand the connection between the Infinity Stones and the colour of each can, while new audiences may be intrigued by the striking aesthetics of the concept.

I would also like to point out that this concept is purely to promote and bring in existing or new audiences for the current phase of Marvel characters, hence why other big names were left out. This in no way means that the design is limited to the current selection of characters. I am aware that projects for Spiderman, Falcon and Bucky are coming out this year however I felt each character I chose suited the design concept. I am certainly open to expanding this range when the opportunity arises, in order to accommodate a wider range of character designs.

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