Lionel Messi Iconic Celebration Illustration

Lionel Messi Iconic Celebration Illustration

Many of you may not know this fact but I actually support the Spanish football team FC Barcelona. Growing up watching English football in the BPL I was always attracted to the playstyle of Barcelona from the likes of seeing Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto, Puyol and other fantastic Barca players around 2005.

I own several jerseys and watch every single game of the season still to this very day. I recently found this Messi illustration on my hard drive that I did around 4 years ago while looking for other work that I wanted to share.

Many non-football fans or football fans, in general, have heard the news of Lionel Messi wanting to leave the club in August 2020, thankfully not happening and it made me quite happy seeing this piece I did back in the glory days of Barcelona season still be alive today.

I’ve always appreciated the club in general but Lionel Messi much more with his strong leadership, honesty and fighting spirit he shows on/off the pitch when things aren’t going his way. I was annoyed that he wanted to leave but looking at the current club situation I understood his reasons and was hoping Barca do a proper farewell. However I’m excited to see him perform for the 2020/21 season which could be his last in the Barca shirt but whatever happens, the point still stands. Messi is the greatest of all time without a doubt

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