Major League Baseball Home Run Derby X Artworking

Major League Baseball Home Run Derby X Artworking

MLB Home Run Derby X, known for sponsorship reasons as FTX MLB Home Run Derby X, is a global baseball tour operated by Major League Baseball (MLB). Its inaugural edition is being held in 2022. It is based on the Home Run Derby that is usually held the day before the MLB All-Star Game.

The London leg was held at Crystal Palace Park on July 9. AJ Tracey headlined the event, described as “baseball meets festival vibes” Zach Stroman, who has played for the London Mets, represented the Dodgers at the event. The Seoul leg was held on September 17 at Paradise City. In the preliminaries, the Red Sox defeated the Yankees 60–49, while the Dodgers defeated the Cubs 55–54. In the finals, the Dodgers defeated the Red Sox 60–55 and the Mexico City leg will be held on October 15 at Campo Marte.

As part of the creative team working on MLB HRDX my responsibility was to assist the design team in artworking various assets for the promotional aspect of this campaign. The MLB cards above were for the NY Yankees, Cubs and Dodgers featuring a superstar, wildcard and legend taking part of the each of the city legs. I also artworked various content for their website page including translation done for each country in Korea and Mexico.

Design of these cards were templated where the name, style and design stripes remained consistent. It also gives future people who would like to modify or make last minute changes an easier transition since the 2 images and text will only be changed.

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