Brasil – I have decided to use the main colors of the iconic yellow on the outside of the heel, eye stay, sole and tip of the shoe. “Gorge Green” was used on the quarter panel, toe box, tongue which was followed by the “Midnight Navy” on the rest of the areas. I made the silhouette very vibrant, eye catching and colorful due to the history of the team.

In addition for the details I’ve personally added to make the shoe unique is the teams logo on the tongue, flag on the left heel tab and Brasil text insole. Very detailed but noticeable differences compared to your average Air Force Ones.

Players Featured – Coutinho (FC Barcelona, Brasil) and Paulinho (FC Barcelona, Brasil)

France – The primary colors of the french flag is navy blue, red and white. However to make this shoe flow with the choice of colors the majority of the silhouette features the navy blue, blue and white on the shoe leaving red on the inside lip. 

I have added the French flag on the left heel tab, FFF on the lace holder and France text on the inside sole.

Overall this is one of my favourite colorway I have managed to render because of how simplistic yet amazing the shoe looks due to the dark shades and beautiful Nike swoosh in white.

Players Featured – Coman (FC Bayern Munich, France) and Varane (Real Madrid FC, France)

Portugal – The primary colors feature all around the shoe in the classic bright red with green and gold on small parts. I wanted two shades of red one bright and the other dark just to balance the colors alongside making it unique instead of one simple shade that would look boring.

For the unique details I have added the Portugal FC logo on the insoles of the shoe alongside the typical flag patch on the left heel tab.
Players Featured – Ronaldo (Real Madrid, Portugal) 

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