Official DhavDesign Motorsport Collection Release 

Official DhavDesign Motorsport Collection Release 

Introducing the DhavDesign Motorsport Collection, featuring a range of legendary automobiles, each garment is adorned with graphic designs that capture the essence of speed, power, and timeless automotive design. From classics to modern marvels, this collection is a tribute to the most iconic cars in automotive history through my own childhood memories.

I’ve paid special attention to detail with this collection offering a variation of front and back large car illustration designs. Whether you prefer a bold front-facing illustration or a sleek design on the back, this collection provides a perfect balance of both with countless hours spent on shading, lighting, angles and fine details.

Crafted with care and tailored for comfort the oversized graphic tees are made in Portugal from 100% French Terry cotton. Featuring drop shoulders, a wide chest, and a loose fit at the bottom, they offer the perfect blend of style and relaxation. Shorts also feature two open front pockets, deep enough to hold your phone, wallet, and keys, along with a drawstring cleverly hidden on the inside. Inner lining is made from the same 100% French terry cotton as the front.

As a passionate designer, I’ve dedicated myself to perfecting every tiny detail to ensure the utmost comfort and style in this collection. It reflects my dedication to creating designs that not only look great but also make you feel confident and comfortable when wearing them.

To add a personal touch, most of the collection features car references from my interactions with these brands, whether through video games, movies, or my treasured car toy collection from childhood. These stories allow me to connect with the designs on a deeper level, making them more than just random cars on a t-shirt.

Story Behind Each Product

Enzo Graphic Shorts
When the Enzo first launched in 2002, I was utterly amazed by its resemblance to a Formula 1 car, from the front nose design, straight cut design to the large front intakes and wide rear arches. Its iconic mid section was a thing of beauty, and I cherished my hotwheel version of this car from childhood till now. Alongside the CGT and SLR McLaren, it forms what I call the holy trinity of the 2000’s modern supercars.

Zonda Graphic T-Shirt
Pagani has always held a special place in my heart, featuring the perfect combination of a Mercedes engine, German engineering, and Italian design. The car gained fame in NFS hot pursuit, gracing the front cover and numerous car magazines with its striking Zonda variations. With its V12 sound, manual transmission, fighter jet-like design, and unique quad pipe exhaust, it quickly became one of my dream cars.

R34 Graphic T-Shirt 
Part of my deep passion for cars was ignited by the F&F franchise, particularly Brian’s Skyline R34. Its over-the-top modifications and iconic bayside blue color left a lasting impression on me, making it one of my childhood obsessions alongside Subaru from the Colin McCrea rally games I played on the PS1

n the 3D angle illustration, I highlighted the side, rear, and front of the R34 with its timeless design. To add a touch of uniqueness, I included NISMO wide fenders, inspired by the tuner culture of that era. I also have fond memories of playing Gran Turismo with this car, as it was widely marketed by Japanese game makers.

CGT Graphic T-Shirt 
I created a stunning 3D illustration of the iconic Porsche Carrera GT from three different angles. The intention was to showcase the car’s beautiful lines and timeless design, which has aged gracefully over the years. I specifically chose the famous “Guards Red” color for the car, as it holds a special place in my heart and is one of only two in existence.

More importantly, my dive into my personal racing archives takes me back to my childhood, where I fondly remember playing NFS Most Wanted. Notoriously, one of the final races in the game required a Porsche Carrera GT, leaving a lasting impression on my racing memories from the countless hours I spent trying to beat the game.

Lastly, the collection showcases a special alteration of my normal DhavDesign logo featuring the DhavRacing logo, showing my passion for true racing style logos and capturing the unique essence of the collection. Adding a dynamic touch throughout the collection.

With the creative direction of the collection, I was determined to feature the best supercars, hypercars, and racing cars as the backdrop. I reached out to a famous London showroom for permission to shoot at their location, and thankfully, they agreed. Planning various shots in my head and using Photoshop to angle different imagery for the brand, I was excited to bring my vision to life.

Organizing a photographer on a limited budget proved challenging, but luckily, my great friend Mathew came to the rescue. Together, we tackled the photoshoot day, planning various outfits the night before to elevate and style the pieces, providing inspiration for different looks. I strongly believe that my graphic tees perfectly complement both shorts and long bottoms, offering versatile fashion choices.

During the shoot, I wore a short sleeve top with the shorts to create a summery beach vibe, and the regular cut of the shorts blended seamlessly with the overall aesthetic. I also donned a black shirt for other images, even though they didn’t make it into the final post edits.

I’d like to thank the Joe Macari showroom for graciously allowing me to use their space for two hours. If you’re interested in any car ranging from super, hyper or classics, I highly recommend them as my top choice.​​​​​​​

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