Paris The City Of Love Illustration

Paris The City Of Love Illustration

Following my popular Tokyo and New York artwork last year, I have chosen Paris “The City Of Love” for my next city illustration.
As a child, I’ve been to Paris on several occasions – the city is iconic due to its architecture and style, especially the Eiffel Tower built in 1889. In this illustration, I wanted to capture the side roads of the city, filled with bars, small one floor apartments, restaurants and a bakery known worldwide for being one of the best. 

I haven’t been to Paris for a while now, but it’s still on my list of travel destinations for a quick weekend getaway from London – one that is easily accessible via the Eurostar. For this illustration I used color tones of peach, cream, brown and light blue for the windows. I wanted each building to hold its own value and character with a different layout of windows, features and spacing so it evens out throughout the road when closely observed. 

The roads are very distinct compared to my previous illustration, with cobblestone detail and black bollards near the pedestrian walking area. Chairs are seen on each side of the road for the small cafes and bakeries. I’ve added to the environment alongside signs, giving context for what’s around. The Eiffel Tower stands far in the distance with its own detailing of lines going through the structure of the architecture. 

I’m very happy with how this city illustration turned out for my third part of the series and I am eager to plan more in the future. It did take me an awful amount of time to create this  whilst nearly pulling out my hair, however seeing reactions to my artwork makes this worth it every time. 

I hope people can also support my digital illustrations by purchasing a limited run of this poster print on my website too, where each print is hand signed, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Link to purchase click here.

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