With the current design from Prada who handcrafted all 700 pairs of the Superstar in Italy. I was very excited to hear this collaboration around one month ago when it was announced.

Now when the pictures of the shoe was released to the world I was very intrigued by the minimal approach from Prada and felt more could’ve been done to justify the price tag. I do understand it’s limited edition run and most likely a one off collaboration however I expected way more creativity and inspiration.

Therefore as a designer who loves creating quirky, exciting and unique concept ideas that could definitely be done. I took upon the task of reimagining the Prada x Adidas from my perspective.
Gold details are highlighted all around the shoe to give it a more luxurious and prestigious feel. Prada branding is more subtle on the rear heel and iconic 3 stripes which is laser engraved. Handcrafted leather remains all around the shoe maintaining the perfect blend of comfort, durability and style carried by the Superstar silhouette.
I have decided to make the normal white leather toe box into a gold shell toe box that stands out massively compared to any other shoe. It was also inspired from a previous Adidas Superstar shoe released in the late 2000 meaning it shares DNA in the timeline. The gold shell toe box is lightweight and strong meaning there won’t be a massive weight difference with it’s thin shell material.

A Prada bag is included for the price you pay if you’re lucky enough to purchase the collaboration however it was a basic design featuring a two tone black/white contrast. I therefore used gold details onto the bag with embossed lettering, zippers and small components to match the items together as a proper set. It also flows nicely in terms of colors meaning not too much gold is heavily influenced on the bag as I wanted the lovely leather white to stand out. 

I thank everyone who supports my creative vision and would actually love to be part of a collaboration one day in the future. I respect both Prada and Adidas for their creative and luxurious effort paving a new way into the industry. As a designer myself I love taking apart ideas making them better for the consumer justifying price, production and creativity. 

P.S If anyone from Adidas does want to make this creation happen be sure to reach out as I’d love to be on board.

Dhaval Parekh

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