Angel In Her Zone A3 Poster Print (Pre-Order)

Angel In Her Zone A3 Poster Print (Pre-Order)


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Over the past couple of months of looking at my existing graphic design work, I noticed I have never done a full portrait illustration of a person standing with the background full of detail. I have been following Cindy Kimberly a well-known fashion model for the past couple of years and I fell in love with a specific photo of her standing on a balcony in Italy. Therefore I took the challenge of making that exact photo into an illustration. You can see the lovely Italian mountains, buildings, wildlife and sea in the picture corresponding with her stunning look. From that image alone I decided why not create a fun detailed illustration to test my skills and creativity by adding my own elements to an image.

So here is my “Angel In Her Zone” Illustration that took several weeks of handwork and patience to do. I did buy a graphics tablet to speed up the process and it helped me out a tonne. Each detail you’re looking at is mostly an individual layer with an overall number of 600 layers. It took a long time to complete but I’m very proud of this end result.


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