I created this illustration as a tribute to the talented Canadian singer, “The Weeknd,” inspired by a pose from his album music video, “After Hours.” As a long-time fan of The Weeknd’s music, I have been following his career since 2014 and have witnessed his incredible growth and musical prowess over the past decade. Unfortunately, his live concert in London was postponed due to the pandemic, but I remain hopeful that I will have the opportunity to experience his captivating vocals in person one day.

The illustration portrays The Weeknd with a beaten face, blood streaming down his face, while dressed in a clean white suit. The background features a unique design of white wires, creating a visually striking composition. I aimed to maintain a powerful yet minimalistic theme, positioning the figure in the center with a confident angle reminiscent of a James Bond character. To add distinctive details, I included a small earring and transformed his black sunglasses into gold, making them stand out from his usual “After Hours” attire. I kept the facial hair simple, highlighting a prominent mustache and a clean-shaven beard, reminiscent of 80’s rockstar aesthetics.

I hope this illustration resonates with fans of The Weeknd, as it captures the bold and captivating essence of his music. It holds a special place among my favorite designs, and I believe it would make a fantastic addition to any fan’s wall.


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