Reimagined Logos

Reimagined Logos

I reimagined logos of various popular brands and companies with my ‘DhavDesign’ wording. This creative project was driven by the importance placed on having a powerful, recognizable logo. The right blend of simplicity, versatility, consistency and memorability in effective logos create long lasting impressions throughout all forms of media and advertising.

I often notice new businesses in the market with very simple logos created in a matter of hours. I believe this can be counter intuitive to successful branding, considering people tend to gravitate naturally towards an aesthetically pleasing logo design. A custom font developed with time and effort helps to make a logo more unique. However, understandably, not everyone has the resources to create an effective logo – it can be a very costly and time-consuming process.

For a clothing company, the logo should without doubt be one of the most important aspects of building a brand – the logo is displayed across the garment, packaging, inside tag, social media and several other areas where it will make its first impression on the target audience. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that extensive work (including narrowing down multiple concept designs) goes behind the logo creation, as it will be a foreground runner in front of everyone that interacts with the brand. I also believe logos do not need to be complex at all – the most effective logos are often based on abbreviations or full words in simple text.

The creation of a powerful logo involves bringing your brand vision to life for your audience in a way that helps to tell a story.

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