SwishCentrl Logo Redesign

SwishCentrl Logo Redesign

While working on various projects for SwishCentrl for their Air Jordan Royal Toe giveaway image and announcement video. I was given the project recently to redesign their company logo. I noticed the previous design wasn’t appealing nor applicable on various marketing assets therefore I stepped up to design two formats of the SwishCentrl logo.

First, we have the SwishCentrl rectangle logo that can be placed on mostly anything such as business cards, documents and images using a popular font alongside a shoe outline design replacing the “L”. It acts as a recognizable logo absolutely instantly giving a brief context to the person. Shoe means something related to sneakers and SwishCentr acting as the main company name.

I also came up with an alternative second logo which is more circular outlining the name top and bottom. This can also give the user more awareness on what company it is with various colour palettes the owner can use.

It’s been a very long time since I have created a company logo however I’m extremely pleased to work on this for @swishcentrl while maintaining a positive interaction throughout the journey.

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