Tech Collection Drop 02

Tech Collection Drop 02

Over the past two months, I’ve dedicated my efforts to curate my latest collection, drawing inspiration from my enduring love for technology and computers since my formative years. This assortment is a nostalgic journey through my personal archives, with each piece uniquely crafted.

The ATX Shirt is a direct homage to my 2009 personal computer, meticulously designed to mirror the layout of slots, pins, capacitors, and chips. Inspired by the intricate circuitry of motherboards, the PCB Hoodie positions the design on the shoulder, resembling the path of veins, akin to the components inside a computer. The Nano Circuit Joggers complete the set, featuring patterns around a hidden logo, mimicking the CPU’s pivotal role in powering everything.

The IT Quest Shirt is a clever puzzle design, with overlapping words representing 10 essential hardware components needed for a computer to operate.

The unique Puzzle Tee, a brilliant fusion of fashion and education. The back of the shirt features an intricately designed crossword puzzle, unveiling the core components necessary for seamless computer functionality. This unique design serves as an educational piece, shedding light on the fundamental elements that have powered, supplied, and enhanced computer operations over time.

The puzzle is a cerebral delight, challenging observers to identify ten words—PSU, HDD, CPU, OS, MOTHERBOARD, RAM, KEYBOARD, MOUSE, and MONITOR. As you unravel the puzzle, you’ll discover how these components intersect and contribute to the efficiency of computing devices. It’s not just a shirt; it’s a playful exploration of the foundational elements that shape our digital world.

Drawing inspiration from my passion for technology and my third computer purchase in 2009, I present my latest shirt design featuring a detailed 2D wireframe of an ATX motherboard. 

This design is a nostalgic nod to the computer component that marked the beginning of my teenage years filled with content creation, gaming, and design. Using images of my original motherboard, I spent time focusing on key areas such as RAM slots, PCIE, CPU, rear IO, and sockets. The incorporation of various square chips and capacitors mirrors their actual placement on the motherboard, creating a unique and authentic representation.

To this day, I reflect on the profound impact my robust PC, which served me faithfully from 2009 to 2020, has had on shaping the person I’ve become. The exceptional build quality of this computer, coupled with minimal upgrades to the GPU and expandable RAM/HDD, has allowed it to endure the test of time. The significance of featuring it in a design isn’t just due to its vital role as a motherboard component in the tech world; it symbolizes the intricate veins connected to the CPU, analogous to the heart of a person.

Remaining aligned with the thematic elements of drop two, I considered the feedback from my previous designs, transitioning from a vibrant approach to a slightly more minimal and versatile style. The aim was to create pieces that could be worn comfortably across different seasons. Drawing inspiration from the intricate workings of a circuit motherboard in technology, for the PCB Hoodie I incorporated lines that traverse across various chips, capacitors, and redesigned areas, forming distinctive patterns.

In contrast to the sweatpants design, where the logo is subtly concealed within the pattern, seen by the various letters around the end points, the hoodie introduces negative spacing. This deliberate choice ensures heightened focus on the pattern without overwhelming visual density.

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