The Finale of Luis Suarez

The Finale of Luis Suarez

Thank you Luis Suarez (2014 – 2020)

As a Barcelona fan when signing of the Uruguayan striker from Liverpool FC was confirmed back in 2014. I was extremely happy for his arrival after witnessing several Barcelona forwards from 2011 not performing at their best.

Suarez did have a terrible history in prior before joining Barca with his behavior famous incident biting Italy defender Chiellini during the World Cup that got him a 6 month ban from all competitions.

I myself didn’t like his behavior at all however from a sporting standpoint it’s hard to argue that he’s the best striker of this generation. His stats from Liverpool were remarkable and his performances with Barcelona have been above average before his steady decline over the past 2 years.

With 283 games, 198 goals and 109 assists Luis Suarez leaves Barcelona after being one of the most legendary and historic players in the clubs history. He is the 3rd highest Barcelona scorer of all time with 13 trophies.

I will miss his hunger for performing like a mad man on the pitch with his 110% dedication for the crest. I just hope he comes back someday to retire at Barcelona because he truly deserves it under a new board

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