The Weeknd Illustration

The Weeknd Illustration

I created this illustration of the Canadian singer “The Weeknd” based off a pose from his album music video called After Hours. I’m a massive fan of The Weeknds music with my early introduction to his songs back in 2014. I’ve listened to countless singles he has outputted over the last decade and it’s phenomenal to see his growth musically with his singing abilities.

I really wanted to see the artist perform live in London this year however due to the pandemic his concert was delayed back to 2021 which is very unfortunate. I hope to listen to his vocals live someday as I truly believe he’s one of the most talented and consistent performers giving me hints of Micheal Jackson.

My illustration is highlighting a beaten face with blood streaming down his face while wearing a clean white suit. I have added a very unique design in the background of white wires surrounding the singer. I wanted to keep the overall theme basic but powerful as the person is positioned right in the middle with an angle almost like a James Bond character.

I added a small earing alongside making his black sunglasses gold as I wanted the details to stand out compared to his normal After Hours attire. I kept facial hair simple with the moustache standing out and the beard being completely shaven with a similar 80’s rockstar look.

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful illustration as it’s definitely one of my favourite designs to this date and I think any Weeknd fan would love something like this on their wall. It’s bold and eyecatching exactly like his songs.

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