theorangestuff. Skincare packaging concept

theorangestuff. Skincare packaging concept

Being a person suffering with acne in my teenage and adult years, I was always familiar with all types of eye catching skincare product packaging when I first experienced frequent breakouts on my face. At first, I had no confidence in my skincare products and was buying various products every other week, as they were advertised to magically make my skin clear. That didn’t work at all.

However, through trial and error, by having a consistent skincare routine, I noticed a massive change in my skin appearance – almost a 180 to when I first started using the products recommended by friends, family and reviews. I also found a noticeable difference using products in a specific order throughout each day that has helped me significantly.

With this skincare packaging concept idea, I wanted to highlight crucial details on how to use the product correctly – both on the serum product and box. It’s extremely important to guide the consumer with steps to be done beforehand, such as washing your face with a delicate cleanser/wash and using a good SPF afterwards when going out. That I personally feel, isn’t highlighted in most skincare products, vigorously causing consumers to often be disappointed with their purchase.

My packaging supports “braille” for those with sight difficulties, as I feel no human should be left out when purchasing products. It should be a main goal of any company to support all types of people no matter what disability, color or background. This is something I don’t see for most product packaging on the market today. 

Theme of my packaging was orange relating to the brand name with hints of black, silver and white for most of the important wording. Other details such as QR code will direct the user to the product website, where further video guidance and support will be available. It’s important to have video tutorials for people who have never used specific products before so they’re familiar with the process.

Overall my concept was inspired by past products I’ve used and what I felt needed to be advertised on future packaging. I understand everyone has a different skin type and all products react differently, but the skincare routine process has to be consistent for maximum efficiency for any product that isn’t highlighted well. Extensive support for people with disabilities or understanding on how to use a product should also be normalised.  

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