Motorsport Collection Sticker Pack


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Get your hands on the DhavDesign Motorsport Collection sticker pack, showcasing iconic car illustrations ready to adorn any surface. These stickers boast a clear backing, strong adhesive, and vibrant colors. The pack includes 7 stickers, ranging from 7 to 10 cm, each featuring fine details. Your order will arrive in an envelope, minimizing packaging waste and ensuring efficient shipping to your destination.

Included Stickers:

  • 1x Carrera GT
  • 1x Zonda
  • 1x Muira
  • 1x Enzo
  • 1x R34
  • 1x 911 Turbo
  • 1x DhavRacing Logo

Each sticker is a result of meticulous illustration, with hours dedicated to perfecting shading, lines, and details. Please note that due to the size difference between stickers and digital images, some fine details may not appear as clear due to the sticker size rest assured that the main car details are prominently and vividly displayed wherever you choose to place them.


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