AJ185 Chicago Illustration A3 Poster (Pre-Order)


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With the start of 2023 coming up with personal concepts and work for DhavDesign. I really wanted to go back to my roots in 2020 where I did lots of illustration work related to shoes, cars and other interests. I recently picked up a pair of Air Jordan 1 “Lost and Found” after months of waiting and wanted to come up with this illustration highlighting the iconic color blocking and overall design aesthetics.

I kept the box design, shoe and paper you get inside true to the OG model alongside showing stitching for each panel. I aimed to make it realistic with the blend of a funky and bright surrounding design that can draw attention wherever the poster is placed.

I came up with the concept of the background moving in blue waves in relation to how natural this red, black and white colorway looks.

Sneakerheads know this is the most famous colorway of all time when it comes to Air Jordan’s and it’s ultimately what started the brand and paved the road for the industry of today.

I messed around with the shoe placement of both pairs being inside the box flat but something in my head told me the 3D look while it rests on the box looks much better.

Its gives a nice illusion of the shoe almost popping out.

Lastly another detail is the orange Nike boxlid which is true to the classic packaging design. If you bought a pair of Nikes in the past those are what all pairs came with and the label only being different.


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