AJ185 Chicago Illustration A3 Poster Print


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In anticipation of the new year in 2023, I decided to revisit my passion for illustration, particularly focusing on shoes, cars, and other interests that inspired me back in 2020. Recently, I managed to acquire a pair of Air Jordan 1 “Lost and Found” after patiently waiting for months. This prompted me to create an illustration that showcases the iconic color blocking and overall design aesthetics of these sneakers.

To maintain authenticity, I stayed true to the original model by incorporating the box design, the shoes themselves, and the accompanying paper you find inside. I made sure to depict the stitching on each panel, aiming for a realistic representation. I wanted the illustration to have a vibrant and eye-catching background that complements the funky vibe of the shoes, drawing attention regardless of where the poster is displayed.

The concept I came up with involves a dynamic background with flowing blue waves, which adds a natural element to the striking red, black, and white colorway. Sneaker enthusiasts recognize this colorway as the most iconic and significant in the Air Jordan lineage, as it played a pivotal role in establishing the brand and shaping the modern industry.

While experimenting with the placement of the shoes, I decided that the 3D effect created by resting them on the box looked more visually appealing than having them flat inside. This technique gives the illusion of the shoes popping out, adding depth and dimension to the illustration.

Lastly, I paid attention to a small yet significant detail—the orange Nike boxlid, which remains true to the classic packaging design. If you’ve ever purchased a pair of Nikes in the past, you’ll recall that they all came with this distinct boxlid, with only the label differing from one pair to another.



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