Paris The City Of Love A3 Poster Print

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Following the success of my Tokyo and New York artwork last year, I have decided to focus on Paris, “The City of Love,” for my next city illustration. Paris has always held a special place in my heart since childhood, with its iconic architecture and style, particularly the renowned Eiffel Tower built in 1889. In this illustration, my aim was to capture the charm of the city’s side streets, adorned with bars, small one-floor apartments, restaurants, and french bakery known for its excellence.

Although it has been some time since my last visit to Paris, it remains one of my top travel destinations for a quick weekend getaway from London, conveniently accessible via the Eurostar. For this illustration, I utilized color tones of peach, cream, brown, and light blue for the windows of each building. My intention was to give each structure its unique value and character, employing different window layouts, features, and spacing to create an even flow throughout the street when observed closely. The roads themselves are distinct compared to my previous illustrations, featuring detailed cobblestone and black bollards lining the pedestrian walking areas. Chairs line both sides of the road, inviting passersby to relax at the small cafes and bakeries. I have also incorporated signs to provide context for the surroundings. Finally, the Eiffel Tower stands tall in the distance, meticulously detailed with lines that accentuate its architectural structure.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of this city illustration, which marks the third installment in my series. Despite the considerable time and effort it took to create, at times leaving me nearly pulling my hair out, the reactions and feedback I receive from viewers make it all worthwhile. I also invite people to support my digital illustrations by purchasing a limited edition print artwork. Each print is hand-signed, numbered, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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