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Following my most popular illustration on DhavDesign “Lost In Tokyo” piece that I did several months back alongside a poster launch that has been sold out. Many people have requested that I did another city illustration from a different country, with “Dreams Of New York” I have focused my city illustration on one of the most active, populated and fascinating places in the world which lies in the heart of New York.

I used extensive time in researching and roaming around google maps to find objects, buildings and information to fill up this wonderfully unique piece of illustration. I even thought about the different window buildings while keeping the orange and dark red theme consistent throughout my work. I also changed up the different style of windows throughout each building where some have a unique design. I added a “pineapple” logo on one of the buildings on the left as a small gimmick for an actual Apple store that is located in every city in the world. It’s something I wanted to add into my illustration as the city is heavily reliant on technology and communication.

I have also paid a small tribute with the twin towers in the distance as it will always be part of the wonderful city. The Empire State Building is on the right-hand side as I wanted people to realise this is NYC based on that one piece of an iconic building. The window pattern has it’s own distinctive design so it’s easier to spot but hard to not notice due to the large scale.

I hope to visit America someday as NYC has always been a spot where everyone from around the world desires to see with diverse culture, great food restaurants, empire state building, time square and landmarks.

Limited to 7.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    This poster is absolutely beautiful. I can tell the amount of effort that has gone into this by the details of the poster. Customer service and communication with the seller was great. He is lovely and even gave me a free poster with the order. It was delivered to me quickly even tho it was New Years/bank holiday. The poster looks pretty on the website but even prettier on my wall ☺️ looking forward to more work!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Beautiful poster, super vibrant and great quality! You can really see how much time and effort went into making the poster and the sheer talent of Dhav! The customer service was excellent, the poster came a little damaged due to Royal Mail and he very graciously asked if I wanted a refund/ replacement. The delivery and service was quick and efficient. It’s truly an exquisite poster! Thanks Dhav!

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